Friday, December 17, 2010

It Looks Like Rain Dear

Christmas is coming, and with it, the time of year you hear Christmas songs on the radio so much, that by the time Christmas is here, you just want to bury the radio.

In a bunker. Under 10 feet of concrete. In another country.

But at this time of year, you also get to see lots of reindeer about. And SL is no exception. Which means it is time to dust off my reindeer outfit, and roam SL.

Looking like a cross between a ponygirl and a reindeer.

You don't see many ponygirl/reindeer in SL. So, here are is me, all reindeer'd up so that you can, should you be insane enough to want to pull Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.

First up, is the wonderful Latex Reindeer set from Kayliwulf. Complete with tail and antlers, and worn with the Morbid Play hooves and bridle in this pic.

The Harness is named Wild by *SS*.

The nose was something made a while ago by someone, just as a joke, but I liked it, and kept it.

Mesmerise Dungeon also make a latex reindeer set, and is well worth a look.

Complete with Antlers, a nose, nipple bells and a cute fluffy tail, this set is a worthy alternative to the Kayliwulf one.

For both sets, I have used the Reindeer Collar from "It Burns" which includes both chest and spine version, and has a sleigh bell jingle when you walk.

I am sure there are other reindeer sets out there which pony girls could utilise just as well to give Rudolph a break this year.

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