Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doll Life - The Gasmask

Calling all dolls and heavy rubber enthusiasts!

The Doll Life Gasmask is a great addition to your wardrobe if you like breath play, heavy restriction, and that je ne sais quoi that says Darth Vader is your Alec Baldwin.

Aside from looking good, the gasmask comes with a nice simple menu, which I will let lelo describe in detail.

A good-looking toy, at a reasonable price. Drop by Doll Life, and don’t hesitate to try on the demo to make sure.

Time for another toy, it’s been a while...

A nice gasmask this time, yes we do love to hide me behind all kinds of hoods and masks.

The look of the mask is very good, but the thing that makes it even better is that this is the first gasmask i’ve seen that is fully fashion adjustable.

You are spoiled for choice for colors and which items you can adjust, so if you have a purple little dress with golden highlights, the mask will be able to match it.

Next to the usual locking, owners and timers functions, you can also restrict vision with the added HUD which comes in a level 2 position for V2 users.

The sound and the rebreather can be turned on and off, please turn off your sound when on a public sim, the do tend to get on people's nerves.

The resizing script is well hidden and i had to read the f..riendly manual to find it, still it works great. *smiles*

Name : Doll Life
Owner : Bettie Binder


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