Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Latex Station - Alicia and Piggy

Happy New Year to all our faithful readers!

We got a very nice call from Chill3 Mills today, and as she’s running a pretty awesome special that ends soon, I thought we’d cover some of her new releases and tell you about the sale ASAP.

First, the sale : you can get four neat outfits for one low price : 25L$ ! The sale is only until the 6th (two days!), so hurry over to Latex Station. I have a snap of the vendor at the bottom of this post. The outfits are downstairs, near the new releases.

I’m wearing the fun Alicia outfit, in a bright orange I haven’t seen too frequently (and don’t really have boots to match, although Bax comes fairly close).

The corset comes in two versions : I’m wearing the one with black cups, and the other is all orange. Both are available in shirt and jacket layers, and there’s a pretty spectacular shoulder-to-knee floral tattoo for v2.

Matching gloves in black and orange are included, and the pants cleverly cover the stockings and show the thong - good art ;)

Drop by Latex Station soon if you want to get those cool cheapies.. but be careful, if you stay and look at the nice new releases, you may be tempted!

We’re back..... *smiles*, hope you had a great holiday season and found your way into 2011.

We start of the new year with some great new latex from Chill at latex station, she has been busy and made quite a few new outfits so better have a look.

Somehow Mistress thought this outfit would look good on me, not sure if it’s only the color or that it’s a hidden message.

The bubblegum pink catsuit gives you two options, zipper open or zipper closed as shown here, the open version shows some nipples but they are under a nice coat of transparent pink latex.

The hood is v2 tattoo layer so you keep your own face *smiles*

You also get the nose, ears and tail in the kit all nicely color matched to the catsuit.

Finally you get a pair of fun looking bondage mittens, completing the piggy look, sadly no scripts in them, but the open collar ones should work fine in them..

anyway... Oink Oink..

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills


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