Friday, January 21, 2011

Saleena's Boutique - Ponygirl Saddle

While searching the SL listings for anything pony play related I have missed so far - and yes, I know there are still plenty more to find - I discovered a saddle that had gone by unnoticed.

Naturally, I had to investigate further, and so i TP'd into Eventide - home of Xcite, where in a small boutique stall, I found what I was looking for.

The saddle comes in 2 versions, one pony and rider, or 2 ponies and rider.

And so far, I have not seen the dual saddle yet in use, but the note-card attracted my interest.

The saddle in pleasant to look at, and the texturing is modify enabled, so it can be re-coloured if you choose to.

Featuring a nice walk animation for the pony, and a gallop speed with the tap of the page up key, this saddle also lets the pony tackle steeple, with a rider.b

By holding the left mouse button and letting go, the pony, saddle, and rider are launched skywards, the height depending on how long the mouse button was held down for.

Whilst this is a nice variation on the SL saddles so far, I feel this may take some practice to be able to successfully tackle a steeplechase.

And so I bought one, unable to resist further and made the addition to my collection of saddles.

Rez the saddle on the ground like any other vehicle, the first to sit to it is the pony. A nice tidy example of a pony saddle that should enhance your rides out.

If you cant find the boutique stall on Eventide, the Marketplace store URL is

or directly :

Overall, a nice saddle, and one I am hoping to get some use from once my issues with the lag monster settle.

So if you are still looking for a saddle for your pony play, do take a look at this one.

Note : Fixed LZ : follow the map marker!

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