Friday, January 14, 2011

Unbridled - Deluxe Pony Stall

While gathering landmarks, checking facts and doing my usual whizzing around SL looking for something new to bring you, I revisited Unbridled.

It had been some time since my last visit, and I was interested to see some of the newer items that are now on sale.

One of these was the Deluxe Pony Stall.

It is a small box stall, with its own closing door to keep the pony from wandering. It has a bed of straw for the pony, which, if the pony sits on, opens up small selection of poses.

Included inside the stall is a drinking and a feeding trough, and clicking the stall floor will let the pony use these.

But better yet is the stall has a second set of poses, for trainer or groom.

While the pony eats, drinks, or sleeps, the groom or trainer sits on the rug outside the stall, and watches the pony carefully.

Other poses are aimed at the trainer or groom, letting them mop or sweep the stall, and the pony will stand in their stall, watching this happen.

And don't let on, but the stall has a RLV capture to help you find a pony to house in the stall, if you should need one.

I found this a pleasant and attractive stall, and at just 16 prims, is small enough to keep in the garden or yard of your SL home, and enjoy a little pony play right at home.

And don't forget to revisit our Pony Directory often, and drop me a notecard in world if you think i should be informed of anything, or have something you wish to share with us.

Name : Unbridled
Contact : Mina Keng

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