Thursday, February 10, 2011

Catch It - Gem and Areen (turquoise)

Catch it is one of the growing number of designers on Fetish Consolidated, so we received the note they sent advertising the new Gem outfit and Areen boots, and the turquoise color just leaped out at me.

It’s inspired by Tron, it says in the note, and it certainly has a sci-fi look to it. Gem is also available in black, blue, green, pink, red and white - those colors referring to the trim only.

Gem comes in a wide variety of options, most of them having to do with showing more bare skin ;) See the vendor pic at the end for most of them. There are no less than seven tops included : three versions in undershirt and shirt, plus the corset in jacket layer.

The pants have a lot of variety as well, and I’m wearing them in a kind of counter-intuitive way here : to avoid having the pants layer sticking out from the boots, I have the pants on as underwear layer, and the string as pants layer - eh, it’s a superheroine thing ;)

I’m wearing Gem with the matching (but not included) Areen boots. They are no mod, but they are copy, so make a safe copy and do a little adjusting, they need it out of the box.

The Areen boots are v2 only, but with my trusty invisiprims from POC, they work well enough even for progress-resisting v1.23 users ;)

Another catchy design by Catch It, seems Pad loves to show boobs as she barely covers them.

The overall design is fresh and with the turquoise not suited for ninja use. *winks*

Still it will draw some attention on the dance floor so better get it before the next “best in Turquoise” comes along.

Keep an eye on Pad and her Catch It store, she has some original thinking you don’t see that much in SL at the moment.

Name : Catch It
Owner : Pad Cioc


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