Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Places - Doll Island

Doll Island is an old, well-established doll play sim, with a detailed backstory, although they emphasize that it is not necessary to know the whole thing to have fun there.

And while we were aware of the existence of the island, a friend from Rubber Room, karazorella Kytori, tipped us to a recent surge of activity, so we just had to go visit. Thanks for the tip, kara!

A good sign of age and activity is the size of the member group : over 1600 members at the time we write this.

Doll play is a huge interest in Second Life... but dolls are pretty quiet types, so you may not have heard about it ;)

When you land in the courtyard, make sure you pick up the information notecards - they’re quite detailed, and answer any questions you may have about the island, the roleplay, and where to get good doll hair. (I’m not even kidding.)

Your doll transformation can be a serious roleplay event - it’s probably a lot more interesting that way - but if you’re a Type A person who want to get there in a hurry, a free doll avatar and Dari’s “box of junk” (all her work in open source, you may remember - the box is anything but junk) are available at the info shop.

While visiting, we even ran into our old friend Asudem Kasei, encased in a magical jewel for the last two months, and no doubt pretty happy there. She mentions her predicament in her blog.

Next to the doll castle is a large mall, with many stores to help you with your dollification endeavours. I’ll just mention Hybridz and Bootgasm, but there’s much more to see, and still a bit of room for doll-related content (that’s a hint, designers!).

To sum up : if you love dolls and want to own or be one, you should visit Doll Island. I have my own rubber doll I play with, and I’m not lending her to you ;)


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