Friday, March 25, 2011

Saleena's Boutique

Following on from last week's article featuring the jousting, Saleena, my SL partner and myself were bouncing some ideas off each other about other original ideas for ponyplay.

Disappointingly, we only managed to come up with one between the three of us. However while tossing ideas back and forth, we rapidly began to get excited about this one idea.

And so, having tested the jousting and tweaked it further, Saleena then set off to put some of these new idea into action.

And I have to admit to having gotten rather caught up in the excitement too.

Having made a suggestion once already to Saleena about something i would like to see in SL, within just a few days, she was showing me her new Police Pony wagon.

Complete with flashing lights and a cell on the back of the cart, this is paving the way for a new environmentally friendly SL police force, using vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

Make way for the pony police!

We can expect more new items from Saleena soon, including the finished jousting set, and hopefully, this other top secret idea, and the police cart is on sale already.

And, if you have any idea for original things that could be linked with pony play, please, feel free to drop me a notecard in world, or leave a message here.

With any luck, one of our pony designers might just run with your idea to the benefit of all SL

Don't forget to check the Pony directory for landmarks to Saleena's Boutique and other great places to visit.

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