Monday, April 18, 2011

Jaqueline Fashion - Ilka black and Julia multicolor heels

Jaqueline is the new Kayliwulf. We see her posts announcing new releases on Fetish Consolidated every week, and I just had to go see the new designs.

Well it turns out they’re good : this is Ilka (the black dress) and Julia (the nice heels).

The dress looks good, with authentic latex reflections and a simple and ingenious prim part - it’s fun to see everyone’s answer to that SL.. feature ;)

The shoes have an extreme, John-Willie kind of heel, that looks quite good.

Jaqueline’s store is quite large, as we’ve said before. Fortunately, the sections are well-labeled.

Ilka is in Latex, at the sim’s NE corner, and the Julia shoes are new releases, so use the teleporters.

A double feature tonight, an outfit and some heels, we just couldn’t make our minds up which we liked better.

The outfit, Ilka, comes with 10 items and gives you a few clothing options.

For once you don’t get every part in every layer, but you can use smart layering to create special effects and depth.

Best example is the jacket layer corset, which is just the front lacing, back panel and the red belts. Add one of the tops and you get the full effect, very smart.

You get long latex pants or this lovely short skirt, a great filler for every latex lovers' wardrobe.

The shoes come with hide feet prims for V1 users and no feet socks for V2 users, just had to put it in her terms.

You get 2 HUDs to control your shoes : one simple version with preset colors and one with a RGB color picker so you can get your skin just right, if you have enough patience, that is. *winks*

The shoes come in two versions, with or without resizer, they fit me from the box so one less bit of lag in the world.

Finally there is a sexywalk ao and a good little reference guide, to help you with fitting the shoes.

The shoes come in all kinds of fashionable colors or you can get the multi colored ones we went for.

Name : Jaqueline Fashion
Owner : Jaqueline Beaumont


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