Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Latex Web Inc. - Kitteh

Introducing Latex Web’s latest release, a fun catwoman outfit called simply Kitteh.

And as my dear friend latexladyll Galicia had just acquired one herself, I invited her to model with lelo - lady’s the one on the right.. I think.

Kitteh is quite a lovely outfit; but the bondage mitts and ballet boots (well, cutouts too, if you’re going to be finicky) definitely suggest it’s intended for the bedroom rather than the club - and no, no, the street is right out.

There’s a bit of interesting lighting (purple!) included in the ears and tail, which we turned off for the pics, but you may find it fun - mood lighting, lady called it.

I looked around but couldn’t find a Manning catgirl picture to share with you, so I hope you enjoy this double model post, which I call.. wait for it.. a tail of two kittehs.

Ok it’s back to the dark world of Michael Manning aka Darkadia and the lovely designs of Latex Web inc.

The base is a catsuit with a good dull shine and holes in all the right places, the right place to get you banned in all non-adult sims that is.

The hood is tattoo layer, sorry V1 lovers, and goes well with the rest of the outfit.

The ballets are of a simple design with fun little locks on the front and a simple locking system that it RLV compatible.

The other prims aka mitts, ears and tail don’t have any scripting, but both ears and tail have a purple light which can be turned of in the edit screen under features.

Great little one stop and shop outfit, i’m wondering what kind of mischief a kitteh can run into at Darkadia. *winks*

Name : Latex Web Inc.
Owner : Mariko Demonia


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