Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Restrained Freedom - Corset

Sometimes it’s good to be proven wrong. “There aren’t many prim corsets out there”, I said.

Well our longtime reader Corvan Nansen was kind enough to point us to a recent release from Restrained Freedom, called simply Corset. No fancy name, just great work.

Lelo had fun experimenting with size to get the corset looking just right. The alpha texture that was included was a little large for her.

Katie reacted promptly to our feedback, and will now include small-medium-large alphas, which should alleviate the problem.

So a great-looking corset to add to your wardrobe, with fun roleplay options. Visit Restrained Freedom and say hello to the friendly staff :)

Katie has been busy again and joined the ranks of prim corset builders.

As you might expect from a bondage bunny like Katie, she built in some fun extras.

First there are the usual owner and locking settings and there is a quick hide function for when you enter a pg sim.

Another very nice feature are the colors and textures available in the corset, there is a leather and a latex texture in several colors, but have a look at the “others”, going from wood and steel all the way to tie-dyed.

But the real fun starts with the training. As with any good corset you need to work your way up to an ever smaller waist.

The level progression is slow and offers quite a few fun hardships. This it the tightest it will go and looking at the screen i almost faint myself. *winks*

And for that total RP package, you can make use of the RLV enabled tightening machine.

Luckily Katie was kind enough to offer me an level enabler so i didn’t need to faint for a week or two to get these pictures. *smiles*

So great RP fun, lovely training features, matching everything in you wardrobe... anyone still here?!?

Name : Restrained Freedom
Owner : Katie Paine


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