Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NN Boots - Infinity Boots

Our first pair of “fashion” boots in a while, these are the Infinity Boots by NN Boots.

The croco texture is awesome, even if it blurs to a good reflection in a relatively short distance. Available colors are black and white.

These are v2 only boots, but the invisiprim trick works fine with them. You know, I’m going to call Kai and suggest he puts these things in his store entrance - I use them a lot!

The pointy toe is unique, and gives the boot a distinctive look. The prims are incredibly detailed, down to the box the boots arrive in : it actually opens and shows a pair inside. It’s the first time I see that, and I love it!

Natasha took time to give us good information about the boots, the resize script (which is very smart and resizes width, not the standard proportional way).

She even offered to show us a way to see how low her script times were... I like that kind of dedication in a creator.

So if you like the look of these one-of-a-kind boots, drop by NN Boots, pick the version that suits your budget, and start terrorizing ponies and subs ;)

Ok as a pony i have only one word for these.. Eeekk pointy *winks*

These aren’t boots they are lethal weapons and should be considered WMD. Weapons of Massive Damage to poor little ponies.

You can get these boots in 3 versions, the standard version, the version with spurs and an adult version with spurs and blood/cum.

These boots come loaded with options, this shows the most in the manual which is 16 pages long with 4423 words of great information.

Natasha offers a 20% discount to her group members, i think that's a great reason to join her group you’ll recover the nominal joining fee with your first purcase.

Name : NN Boots
Owner : Natasha Naminosaki
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hugo/214/22/27


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