Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Red Devil - The Red Devil

Let’s start the new year on a naughty foot (or cloven hoof) : Introducing the Red Devil outfit by Red Devil - what took them so long, eh? ;)

It’s a handsome fetish outfit, with brilliant color and good shine. The devilish details (horns, tails and wings) are well executed.

Add a suitable demon skin and you’re there - Lelo looks way too wholesome ;)

The front sports a yellow abstract flame-like design, possibly symbolizing heartburn - no, I kid, it’s a nice touch.

The fetish demonette wouldn’t be complete without her hooves, so a nice pair of ballets are included.

They’re red and shiny and look good, but don’t look for an exact match to the stockings - we know by now how tricky that is.

So drop by the Red Devil and pick up the Red Devil, and go win some contests ;)

Fun little number tonight from Dementia at Red Devil, and yes those are ballets. *winks*

But first things first, you get a few lovely options with this outfit, like the option to wear this with or without bottom, sorry guys, our rating and all... *winks*

The top comes in all layers including an applier for lolas! implants, now isn’t that a nice extra.

To complete the devilish look you get the horns, wings and a choice of 2 different tails.

Ohh, and to replace the hooves you get some very nice ballets with a lovely heelless design.

One final thing, just in case you don’t go for the devilish things in life, Dementia has a lot of new gear in her store, better check it out.

Name : Red Devil
Owner : Dementia Razor


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