Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Immerschoen - May 2012 Releases

We find out about new outfits when we visit stores. Sadly, with many more stores than available groups, I can’t afford to join the VIP groups of some stores and offend others by not joining.

The bad part is we sometimes don’t hear about cool stuff immediately. The good part is, surprises! ;)

The lovely surprise at Immerschoen this visit is this gorgeous little black leather dress called Gia that I’m wearing here with the included fingerless gloves.

It’s a summer weight outfit (well, ok, the gloves aren’t), by which I mean that it leaves a lot of skin bare.

A good natural-shape skirt prim is included, took no time flat to adjust.

One layer each for the top and bottom, but they *are* trans, so you can pass them on to someone when you no longer love it. To all the hopefuls looking at me: don’t hold your breath ;)

The store is new and improved, looks absolutely smashing, do drop in for a look.

Ok, this is an essential for all the girls in SL and i’m not talking latex catsuits.

I’m talking little black dress of course, you can never go wrong with a LBD, or you could when you wear the snow leopard version. *winks*

I'm wearing the new Diva dresses from Immerschoen, which come in a velvety black and the before mentioned snow leopard.

In the big box, you get two options for the dress, with or without arm warmers, there are also a pair of fingerless opera gloves included in the kit, just in case you suffer from cold palms

There are also 2 prim parts include, the essential skirt prim and a nice little turtleneck, both with a solid resize script.

So add some nice shoes or boots and you will be ready for what ever party SL throws at you.

Name : Immerschoen
Owner : Gismo Rhode & nici Sewell

Service9 8

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