Monday, May 28, 2012

Real Restraints - Sassy Ponygirl AO

I haven’t seen a butt wiggle like Marine’s Sassy Ponygirl AO since the majorettes in the Destination Calabria video.

Sassy is a cool, original animation override that should be a breath of fresh air for ponygirls everywhere. "What about the ponyboys?" Well... this one is pretty squarely aimed at the girls, sorry.

Marine decided that it was time to do better than the old standard. I think that’s how anything ever moves forward.

See her blog post for the details - to say nothing of the 14 videos! - I won’t sit here and transcribe ;)

I *will* say that this is series of great animations and poses and sounds intelligently put together.

Ok, this is a warning, i know it says made by Marine Kelley and we put it under the Real Restraints tag, but it’s actually sold under the Marine’s Goodies brand.

I know you were hoping this would be a new kind of restraint but then a good pony AO is a big part of RP, so well worth a look.

The AO hud looks like most and that makes controlling it quite easy, but that is where the common ground stops.

Marine managed to fit nine, yes you read that right, nine (9), very sexy looking pony walk and the included hoove sound is very realistic.

Just in case you aren’t a hoof wearing pony *frowns*, she has included the sound of normal heels.

There are 6 separate arm animations, from the normal infront of the chest to the bizarre fully tucked.

You also get the 3 most used pony gestures in the pack, stomp, stomp twice and curtsy, everything a well behaved pony needs.

So have a look on her website and judge for yourself, this is a must have for the modern sexy ponygirl in SL.

Name : Real Restraints
Owner : Marine Kelley

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 9
Store8 8


  1. Who makes the ponygirl outfit in the video/ads? I would LOVE to know! I cant seem to find this outfit.

  2. Hi Jenna,

    Here's the info, straight from Marine's post which we linked to :

    PS 2 : Since some people focus more on what I wear rather than on what I show off, here is how I assembled my pony tack :
    - Hybridz horse hood, minus the hair
    - Juliana hair by Truth
    - A mix of Tish Celt's hooves and Julia Faulkland's ankle ballet boots
    - A black catsuit from Hugo Designs
    - My Vixen collar on the 3rd pose
    - And of course my RR armbinder

    And for the non pony gear :
    - Latex corset dress by KaS
    - Mesh Classic heels by SKifija