Thursday, June 7, 2012

Latex Web Inc. - Oiran Latex Kimono and Thai’d Up

Two lovely outfits from Latex Web tonight, Oiran (worn by yours truly) and Thai’d up, modeled by lelo. She’s the one showing skin, in case you’re confused.

Oiran is an amazing 19 pieces - I only skipped the gloves so you could see my hands.

I felt that this kimono was too awesome to just let it go with a black-on-black comment as I sometimes do, so I lightened a snap in Photoshop to show you the parts a little better.

Fortunately, Oiran shows up a lot better in world; you’ll be able to cam around and see all the cool parts like the huge bow in front and the semi transparent black veils and ribbons.

This is a full outfit, from getas to hairpins; just take an hour, get your three maids together to dress you, and you’re there.

I see in the Marketplace description that our dear friend Latexlady Galicia suggested the outfit - I am pleased but not surprised :)

Ok so Mariko loves big hats and word play, still its not everyday you can wear a complete temple on your head. *winks*

With Thai’d Up you get 8 prim and 6 cloth-layer parts including a tattoo layer hood and face make-up.

The shoulder pads, or wings as Mariko calls them are quite impressive and put everything ever worn in Dynasty or Dallas to shame.

The two prim purple sashes really give the outfit the oriental feel of a Thai dancing goddess.

The armbands give a feel of slave silks and the ribbon around the legs and arms would be part of the tied up part.

Finally the prim bloomers together with the shirt, pants and corset complete the outfit and make it uniquely latex webby.

So want to dress like an exotic Thai dancing goddess, here’s your chance.

Name : Latex Web Inc.
Owner : Mariko Demonia

Price8 8
Store9 9

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