Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DeVicious - Drive and Summer Nights

We dropped by DeVicious, and saw some big changes, the sim not being the least of which ;)

The store is now at the center of a sim, with good-quality stores surrounding it in a small, high quality mall.

It’s something of a maze, but high ceilings and huge vendors save it from being too claustrophobia-inducing.

I found the Drive mesh jacket and outfit combo very attractive. The jacket demo is a useful touch; despite the big floating boxes, you immediately see that this is a good-looking jacket.

Lelo immediately noticed the excellent leather texture on the back. The jacket does depend on alphas to avoid bits of skin sticking out, but some time real soon now mesh will be debugged, ironed out, parametric deformed and perfect.

In the meantime.. well, we have to deal with little workarounds. Still a lot better than no mesh, I believe.

Drive doesn’t stop at the jacket; good leather pants and fun big boots are included. Celtic designs on the sleeves and pants add a subtle exotic touch.

The included full-perm alpha texture for the boots will let you wear the top alpha plus the boots : edit appearance once you’re wearing the jacket, click Alpha, check lower alpha and choose the texture - et Robert est ton oncle! ;)

It’s mesh night tonight, a mesh jacket and a mesh dress.

There are also a pair of mesh boots with the dress, which are a fun extra but i’m sure you have better boots in your wardrobe.

Seems our honeymoon with mesh is over and we really want the Lindens to get on with the next step in mesh.

Still it’s a lovely summers dress and one in which you can sit. *winks*

You get 7 colors in the kit, black, brown, emerald, pink, purple, red and white and there are 5 sizes of each.

This was the second time i had to reign in the girls, like i said we are ready for the next step in mesh. *smiles*

Steph also includes an avatar physics set, for those of you who haven’t played around with this, it gives some fun extra movement to your body, but didn’t we move to SL to get rid of the moving body parts. *winks*

All in all a great collection of mesh dresses for the coming summer parties.

Name : DeVicious
Owner : Steph Catseye


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