Thursday, July 5, 2012

Powers of Creation - Foxy and Kamilla

There’s a cool summer wind blowing at PoC: some fun, young, wild outfits, kind of the opposite of heavy rubber ;)

I’m wearing Foxy (my totem is the leather vixen), and lelo is wearing Kamilla.

Foxy is really a full box: two latex tops (suspenders or midriff, which amounts to a high waist for pants or skirt), two colorable fishnet tops, 3 lengths of pants and one skirt.

All clothes are available in all the reasonable layers; for example, there’s no jacket for the fishnet tops.

The latex parts all have side lacing, in case that’s not obvious from our pics and the vendor.

I’m wearing PoC red (which nicely matches Bax’s Venitian red, I may have said before), but Foxy is available in all the lovely PoC colors... I nearly picked black, but some of you might start thinking my monitor is broken ;)

Ok we have some art tonight, ehh.. come back it’s still latex.. really it is. *winks*

This little number caught my eye when we entered the store, allright it’s a Mondrian copy but i’m sure he wouldn’t mind, being Dutch i’m sure he would be open minded enough.

You get all the usual cloth layers and a choice of 2 length of skirts, one so short it doesn’t even need the prim insert.

The “longer” version comes with one of the most over engineered prim inserts i’ve ever seen, it shows Kai’s German all the way.

Still it does work amazingly well and you can tweak both prim parts to the micrometer, amazing stuff.

So want to show you that you are a cultured rubber doll get this one, there is also one that’s pretty pink, just so you know.

Come on girls lets shake up this black on black rubber world with some color. *smiles*

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman, Thoto Beerbaum

Quality8 8
Price9 9
Store9 8

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