Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dark Elf Manufacture - Steel Heaven II Collar

Nihal’s cool new collar line, the Steel Heaven II, are based on some Real Life (tm) collars made by SM Factory.

The very cool part of that not-uncommon SL occurrence is that Nihal actually got permission from the company first, and received the right from SM Factory to sell them in Second Life.

The collars are mesh, and will fit everyone from a petite to a giant. Actually, “you can make the collars so small that you will choke a petite” is how Nihal put it :)

The gold and black “NQ” was one Nihal made for herself and that customers saw and liked, so it became a released version.

The design is awesomely detailed; I particularly love the hinge joint at the back. This is the fun kind of stuff I look forward to seeing more of thanks to mesh.

The instruction notecard nicely acknowledges Dari’s public domain scripts as the starting point, then mentions the improvements. I love to see that very cool open source stuff.

Drop by Think Kink (lag is way down!) and make your way to DEM, it’s worth the trip.

Woohoo look at me a real genuine mesh collar around my neck, someone must have been good. *winks*

This isn’t the bendy, follow the skeleton, kind of mesh but the normal kind that looks crisper than the sculpts and prims we are used to.

The script gives you 2 pages of options in the menu and for the other options there are 3 pages of chat commands, controlling everything you ever wanted from a collar.

The collar is filled with 5 partner animations and no less than 77 poses.

You also get matching wrist and ankle cuffs in the sturdy case and also brushes, leash holders, leash posts and a leash anchor.

So great looking collar with the usual level of excellent scripting, these people are into BDSM and it shows.

Name : Dark Elf Manufacture
Owner : Nihal Quan & Chloe1982 Constantine

Price8 8
Service9 8

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