Thursday, August 23, 2012

Haha Studios - Mesh Vinyl PVC Dress V2

A couple of lovely mesh dresses with a unique vinyl texture from Haha tonight - they’re just called Mesh Vinyl PVC Dress V2, I have to talk to Haye about names ;)

The XS size fit me with next to no assistance from the alpha, which I always like - that says to me that things were actually fitted to avatar bodies for testing.

The dress looks very sixties to me: screams Yves Saint-Laurent and daring new fashions using new and ultramodern polyvinyl chloride fabrics.

A great design, as usual a little more fashion than strictly fetish, but I’m squeezing it in anyway - we can’t wear latex catsuits *all* the time ;)

Woohoo, i’m wearing a dress in SL and it doesn’t make my ass look big, it’s is a memorable day. *smiles*

You get 5 sizes in the box, ranging from XXS to L, i’m wearing a S, she trying to make us feel good i’m sure.

You also get a 4 alpha’s: 2 sizes, with or without the foot alpha included.

She has kept the colors down to two, red or black, the most sold colors in SL so not a bad choice. Only downside no endless line of lelo’s tonight. *winks*

I just love the way the dress looks and the way Haye has paid attention to little details like the hooks keeping the dress closed or the look of the belt.

Name : Haha Studios
Owner : Haye Aya

Price8 8

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