Wednesday, September 19, 2012

House of Alisha - Latex Crowd

Latex Crowd is one of Alisha’s odder creations. If you want to blend in the crowd, she supplies the crowd, and the blending :)

The box contains one latex crowd - to wear, not rez; mine vanished when I rezzed it for a closer look; I imagine it’ll show up in my lost and found soon enough.

In the box, then, you get one crowd, one alpha which hides your body, and one hair piece.

There is a “kneel down” animation, which makes you and your crowd curtsey together. There’s also a go to and follow option - invisible leash!

And if a stately procession is needed, you can change the walk speed.

I don’t figure on using this every day, but I bet you could make people really look twice by walking in somewhere with your posse :)

Scenes from the matrix spring to mind, with good old agent Smith, “me me me... me too” 

Alisha seems to be scared of being alone, just join the ball in her stores basement or walk to the top floor and have everyone kneel in front of you.

It’s a silly toy but somehow it does bring a smile to your face and you can’t help to run around, fly and generally do silly things with this one.

So get yourself some rubber company, join the crowd and have fun... *smiles*

Name : House of Alisha
Owner : Alisha Ultsch

Price8 7

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