Monday, September 3, 2012

Hugo's Design - Aory

As sometimes happens, our friend Hikari got the brand-new Hugo release and gave us a call.

Well before she knew it, she was shangaied in front of the cameras, flashes were going off, and she was in the media, as I like to say.

Hikari is actually a bit difficult to dress. Plaid, for example, is right out ;)

This said, harnesses and cool latex outfits in solid colors look really good on her.

She liked the tattoo layer a lot, I think it was the first tattoo outfit she got. I can’t blame her, I feel exactly the same - one piece and boom, you’re dressed.

So if you want a nice intricate harness with lots and lots of good O-rings and rivets, Aory is for you. And if you see Hikari around, say hi, she’s friendly and doesn’t bite :)

Seems Erik revisited the belt drawer and made a brand new belt harness.

As you might expect all the layers are included in the pack, also the quick dress tattoo layer, giving you two options for the harness.

There is a closed and open option for the harness, the open part is for the breasts, don’t worry pasties are included. *winks*

The harness is available in all Hugo’s colors so great to make a great looking colorful pony outfit, but also great over a contrasting catsuit.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo

Price8 7

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