Monday, September 10, 2012

Hugo's Design - Justi

Justi (the new Hugo outfit) is named after Justy (that is, Justme Unsworth, Hugo’s party manager and general sweetheart).

Justy is often at Rubber Room when we drop in, invariably cheerful and friendly, the life of the party. She couldn’t be with us at the 1000th Post Party but referred us Rikki Scarmon, who did a bang-up job.

Justi the outfit is a versatile folder of parts: the two main versions are suit and body. I’m wearing the suit and lelo the body with the optional garters in our pics.

This is an open crotch outfit, so I dusted off my little self-censorship hearts. The “closed” version offers a crotch strap, which doesn’t quite do enough for non-adult sims.

For a test (not shown), I wore my PoC bikini bottom as underwear under the pants layer suit bottom, and things looked a little more G rated.

A nice outfit with lots of straps and rings, but if Erik makes a Deirdre outfit, I’ll ask for a closed bottom ;)

Ok here’s one of those, “i hope i haven’t forgotten an option” packs from Hugo’s, better stretch your inventory to full screen height.

No less than 40 clothes items in the folder, including 12 tattoo layers.

There are 3 outfit options, body, body with garters and full suit, all open and well, closed as Erik calls it, the little belt doesn’t hide very much.

You also can select if the sheer breast part is in the outfit color or in black, the stockings and gloves offer you the same choice. Though the black isn’t sheer in this case.

I wore the top over the sheer tattoo layer to hide the girls, sorry boys, works great, another great use of the many layers in the Hugo shopping bags.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo

Price8 7

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