Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wrapped In Steel - Chastity Bra

I got a charming call from Reiisha Chau, asking me what the application process for the blog looked like.

We’re small enough that bureaucracy and artery-hardening hasn’t set in yet ;) So she sent us review copies, we had a look, found it good, and decided to share it with you, our esteemed readers.

Reiisha made the Chastity Bra for the best possible reason; she looked around and didn’t find a proper one.

This item is old school; not a sculpty or mesh bit in sight, just prims, cold-forged by ancient digital dwarves in the underground prim mines of Lonely Mountain.

It’s a handsome and detailed bit of gear, and nicely complements most chastity belts.

The bra is fully mod and copy, so if you want a good fit, arm yourself with patience, make a copy, and get forging :)

A new toy maker tonight, Reiisha with her brand new Wrapped in Steel, perfect name for the kind of gear she makes.

Well for now this is it, a lovely metal chastity bra, but Reiisha has plans for lots of shiny lockable toys.

As with the pure prim look, the menu is also simple, but as you know simple is good, it gives you the option to lock the bra, give away the keys and change the shine and color of it.

We won’t make this a new feature but for now WiS can only be found on Marketplace, so that’s where the URL points, show her some Linden love and she promises to get herself a nice little store.

So like Reiisha already noticed there a just a few of these kind of bras in SL and you know you need one. *winks*

Name : Wrapped in Steel
Owner : Reiisha Chau
The URL :


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