Monday, October 15, 2012

Bond Street - Spiderwoman

We saw a cool ad go by on Fetish Consolidated and that caused me to call Aimee and suggest we feature her brand new Spiderwoman outfit tonight.

We spoke to her a few hours after she finished the outfit and made it available at her store. Seems the costume was a request by a few people, including one of her good friends and... Pet, our famous personal shopper!

Aimee was pretty pleased with the result; you may see wandering around wearing her own creation, which I feel is a good sign :)

The eye and arm web prims add a touch of drama to a simple, well-made costume.

Add some big, dramatic black hair (not included) and you’ll wow them for Hallowe’en.

Ok a new latex store tonight and also a first possible Hallowe'en costume for this year.

Spiderwoman comes with everything you see in our pictures, just add some yellow high heeled boots and you got the perfect ensemble.

Next to the catsuit, which comes in two cloth layers and is completed with gloves and socks, you get the prim eyes and the two little wings.

You can adjust the glow of the eyes by clicking them in 3 different levels of brightness.

The mask is tattoo layer so you do keep your own face behind the mask. *winks*

The webbing texture used on the red of the catsuit has a great moire effect.

So have fun finding matching yellow boots and take care when jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

Name : Bond Street
Owner : Aimee Riptide


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