Friday, October 26, 2012

PoC Move

It’s under way but it’s not quite done: Powers of Creation is moving their store to a new location.

We heard last week as Kai cancelled an event at Dark Refuge. It’s really not like him to flake out, so I enquired and got a bit of advance info.

I might not even share it just yet if not for the big sign at the main store; one thing our sources know about us in the last four years is that we respect “off the record” requests.

Why, I could tell you... no, no, I kid ;)

So PoC will be moving in a very clean and uncluttered tropical sim, with a new and improved store layout. Dates and actual info from the man himself forthcoming, I’m sure.

The new SLURL:

Happy Hallowe’en party if you’re going this weekend, the 31st falls on an inconvenient Wednesday this year - hey, if you’re lucky you might go to parties both weekends!

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