Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ponka - Erin and Darkhunter

A pair of cool science-fiction outfits from Ponka today: I’m wearing Erin, the tough leather post-apocalyptic bounty hunter with ruffles ;)

Lelo is wearing Dark Hunter, a shinier and equally deadly space-type outfit.

Erin comes in every single layer possible; there are actually tattoo layer parts for the corset, the jacket, and the pants.

The jacket is unusual, a kind of ultra short bolero. On a whim, I tried it on over my Kcreations red leather catsuit, and it gave a cool, ST:TNG-ish look.

The pants and corset share the same shine, and the jacket is a less shiny dark grey which is more similar to the boots.

Speaking of lots of parts, the mesh boots come in M, L, XL.. and a very neat Small which is both boots in the same mesh item.

So strap on your gun belt and go hunt down those interstellar felons, or what have you.. in style :)

Darkhunter comes with a lot of prim parts and like Erin, every imaginable cloth layer.

You get 10 prim parts in the kit, from a pair of lovely dangly earrings to the samurai style shoulder pads.

All prim parts come with a resize script, but be careful they are no copy so no safety copies.

The boots aren’t included and might take a bit of searching to make them fit just right, the pants have a brownish tone to them, so leather boots fit them best, like the Utopia boots i’m wearing here. 

So get your Darkhunter outfit today and go..ehh.. hunt in the ehh.. dark.. *winks*

Name : Ponka
Owner : Beponka Nirvana

Price8 7

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