Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SeXy - Freebies

Another Hikari tip led us to SeXy - I swear, I’m giving her stock options in the blog soon :)

The generous freebies table caught our eye, and as an introduction to the store, we picked up a bunch of them to show you tonight.

I’m wearing the Kombi Black and lelo the Neon Latex Skirt Pink outfit in the first pic, and I have Capella Red in the second and lelo has Tallulah Pink. It’s totally a coincidence, I’m sure.

Kombi is a good, simple outfit made with a pants-and-shirt combo, with latex stockings thrown in. Capella is a top and string, and to save myself little-censorship-heart-pasting, I turned around.

Great free outfits, well worth the detour by the store to go get, and if you accidentally get exposed to the nice outfits for sale and spend a lot of money at SeXy, don’t blame us too much ;)

i might have asked you this question before but it’s still an important one, “what’s better than latex?”, “Free latex!!” *winks*

The neon skirt comes with everything you see in the picture except for the boots i’m wearing and as you might know i’m a sucker for a prim skirt like that.

The pink or more magenta shine looks good and shiny pink nipples are always a plus, this is a fun party outfit.

Tallulah is more underwear or like Mistress loves to call it bedroom wear, it’s a simple 3 piece outfit of which the stockings should find it’s way into your favorites folder in no time.

Next to the outfits we showed you here there is also a great looking harness in black or red, which is a bit too seXy for the blog's PG rating, but believe me this should look great on a pony.

So run run run, you can’t be without this gear at these prices and give the shop a look while you are there, you never know what will catch you eye.

Name : SeXy
Owner : Henri Ebbage


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