Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tiny Latex - Free Tiny Pony

Hikari showed us these very cool tiny ponygirl avatars, and we just had to share them with you.

Now obviously these are the demos, and you’re encouraged to go buy Ruthi, the full version, which comes with a couple of latex catsuits and an applier that will let you reuse clothing made for other mesh shapes.

Things keep getting fancier and fancier around here.. I barely keep up :)

The tiny pony is completely adorable, and I think a cart pulled by four of them would be the one single most awesome vehicle in SL.

I caught Subus online and she was very friendly and helpful. Seems she had the idea to host a tiny pony event.. so she made tiny ponies. I do love creators!

This is her first mesh design, and we definitely look forward to more.

Woohoo pony time again, at least that’s what Mistress told me, she cunningly left out the tiny bit. *winks*

There are 3 free versions giving you a choice of a zebra, leopard or verde (green) catsuit.

In the box you will find quite some gear for a freebie, first there is the mesh body, a alpha layer to hide your full size body, the mesh pony head with bridle.

Next there are the Open Collar tiny bridle and sub AO to give you a nice pony stand/walk.

Finally you get the a Squeaky rubber harness, a tiny tail, tiny eyeballs and a shape, though it does work on your own shape.

The eyes can be pushed forward as they are hidden under the head, giving the pony a very cartoony look.

Name : Tiny Latex
Owner : Subus Tremor


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