Monday, November 12, 2012

Hugo's Design - Cala

After a bit of hardship at Erik’s end, we present his latest release, Cala.

This is a lovely long-sleeved body, with open top and bottom options, and the long included stockings make it feel a lot less naked :)

The main color is not a pure white, but cream - you’ll see it against white boots, say.

The second color is used well, making the outfits distinctive. There are no straps and O rings on this one.

There seems to be a transparent catsuit on the vendor pic, but there is none in the box. Maybe the model just had a lovely refreshing dip in an oil bath before the shoot ;)  

Lovely little latex body by Erik from Hugo’s Design tonight, and as you might expect you get a lot of skin showing in one of his designs.

But prepare yourself for a big shock... the body comes with long sleeves covering your entire arms and when you wear the supplied gloves, no skin is shown at all. *winks*

When you wear the gloves over the tattoo layer body you will get the simple white look i have, wear the body in a higher layer and you will see the details on the sleeve as Mistress has them.

As usual you get an open and closed version of the body in each and every possible layer, opened version is shown in the back shoots, sorry guys.

For at least a little bit of modesty you get lovely glue on pasties in matching colors with the outfit.

Finally you get the good old Hugo stockings with the lovely seam in the back, which flows nicely into the zipper on the back of my Bax boots, sometimes life is good.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo

Price8 7

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