Monday, November 5, 2012

Latex Station - Erika

A shiny happy outfit from the new Latex Station Extreme line, this is Erika.

It’s dubbed latex clubwear, and I predict that you’ll get all the attention you want if you wear it dancing.

Many good options in this one. The gloves and jacket completely change the look of the top, which you can wear alone if you don’t mind showing more skin.

The hotpants are well made, taking advantage of SL’s unique interpretation of how pants fit, rather than being broken by it like many outfits we see.

The zippers are big and visible from a good distance; it’s sadly common to see details too subtle to be seen from 2 meters or more on other clothing; that’s where Cindy’s experience shines.

It's official, we heard from Kai, the new Powers of Creation store is open!

We've updated our old posts with the new slurl :

Something new by Cindy from Latex Station tonight, a lovely latex party outfit that just needs a good pair of platform shoes to become a stripper's classic.

You get quite a few options with this one, you can wear the bustier with or without open handed gloves, or you can wear the long opera gloves that are included in the kit.

There is a jacket, hot pants and stockings in the kit as well, all nicely color matched to each other.

The second color i’m wearing is called smoke and wasn’t what i was expecting when i put it on. *smiles*

So strap on your stripper boots, wrap yourself around a pole and make some money, or just have a good time dancing at a club, this outfit will make sure that you get noticed.

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills

Price8 8
Service9 9

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  1. We blogged the same thing today! Great minds and all that =)