Monday, November 26, 2012

Powers of Creation - Constraption

Kai called me the other day, and I stopped in at his new store to see his latest release, Constraption.

It’s a futuristic, open-top bikini with a spiffy v-shaped bottom that rises high on the hip, requiring two parts (underpants and undershirt, say) to compose.

Unless you plan to wear Constraption over a tattoo layer catsuit, the open top means you’ll want to stick to Adult areas.

Kai pointed out the detailed shades that give a trompe-l’oeil thickness to the latex outfit - on the lighter colors, as it fades a bit on the darker; and black is right out, so it’s not one of the colors of Constraption.

One of them is a hot pink, I did want to point out. lelo’s color here is much softer, and is called rose.

Drop by PoC and see for yourself :)

Ok, so Kai has a funny way with words, see what he did there, the man isn’t only great at making shiny stuff. *winks*

Now the outfit, and prepare there isn’t much there but still you get a lot of items in the box.

There are 20 cloth items in the box, giving you two options for the pants, belted or not, and 3 options for the top.

The top options are buckled, fishnet and transparent, all show in a bit more breast than our PG rating allows.

So looking for a nice bikini which won’t give you the usual tan lines, or you might want to wear this as part of a fun fetish outfit. *smiles*

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman

Price8 8
Store9 8

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