Friday, December 14, 2012

Kcreations Dragon Mesh Dress Debuts at Fetish Spot!

Kat Fetisov, of Kcreations, is one of the early supporters of our little blog, and over the years, she has become a good friend.

When I invited her to put up something at the Fetish Spot, she could have picked any of her excellent catsuits (or even a bunch) which she has been making available for free for years.

But that’s not her way. Makers will make, I always say - and lelo is probably tired of hearing it - and so Kat came up with the Dragon Dress, the result of several hours of work, and put it up at 10L$.

It’s a terrific bit of mesh and leather texture, matching Kat’s previous gloves and boots perfectly. In fact, if you wear the whole thing together, you have a pretty amazing outfit on you.

The latex Dragon Dresses are at Kat’s shop at Little Shop of Kink, and the leather ones are a very cool exclusive at the Fetish Spot. Keep an eye out for more colors in the near future :)

The new 10L$ items at the Fetish Spot are from:

Have a great weekend
Deirdre and lelo

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  1. I blogged about your Fetish Spot today and featured the EdelFabrik Mesh Pink GODDESS jacket and the devicious outfit that are both only 10L at your spot. Thanks for making it and I hope to see you both there soon =)
    Love, Lady Ling