Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Places: Domaine Imperium

The Fetish Spot is already turning into a cool social spot. Why just the other day, there were nearly eight of us yakking away - that's right, in public! ;)

Ok, so it will take a bit of time for traffic to build, but out of that nice chat, we got a lead to a very nice new place, the Domaine Imperium.

Our tipsters and new friends are Somehow Peccable and her girl, Emma Sunshine.

Imperium is new, having opened just last October, but already looks very, very good.

Eschewing the classic black goth castle of doom look, it is built along the lines of the Chateau de Chenonceau in France.

We visited with the intention of doing a serious, journalistic-type interview, but Nashari (and a friendly regular guest called Erlanis) was so pleasant to talk to that this plan dissolved into interesting conversation in no time flat.

As a result, I have less hard info than I could, but a darn good first impression of the place ;)

Imperium is a supportive and very open BDSM community, welcoming LGBT and non-human guests, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Activities are already ongoing, including community round tables and conversation circles. A live singer should be at Imperium on December 16th for their “Latex Santa” holiday party.

One neat project Nashari mentioned is a set of bondage toys currently being developed, to be offered free to members and sold at half price to guests. More on this as it develops.

Imperium is actually listed in the Second Life Destinations Guide, a very cool bit of marketing work:

So if you’re looking for a friendly new BDSM community with lots of room to grow, Imperium is definitely a place you want to visit.



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