Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year - Our Plans for 2013

Hello again, everyone, and happy new year! We hope your holidays were long and restful like ours were.

We had time to plot and scheme and prepare the new year’s project list: it’s long and interesting.

First, the blog remains a daily, as it has been since 2008. It’s still the fun happy project it was when we started.

The Fetish Spot is starting up satisfactorily. We need to let all our designer friends know it’s there, a bit of a long process, but we’re hoping to fill those walls with cheapies for you soon!

Speaking of the Fetish Spot, it’s getting its own page at the right, here -> No, I kid. I mean it’s now in our list of pages at the top right of the blog.

And, we moved to a new spot ;) Our esteemed neighbors at Thunderbird Island asked us to scoot over to let them expand, and out of the kindness and generosity and humility that makes us famous ;) we agreed.

Here’s the new SLURL:

We announced the SL Fetish Fashion Fan Club group a while back; well, it’s going into operation tonight!

We’ll post a daily notice about the day’s post, as well as assorted gossip - er, serious journalism - so our fans will be reminded to come peek at the blog, although our traffic says most of you are pretty darn good about that already.

As a reminder, information about new releases in fetish stores is always welcome.

Just IM lelo Recreant or Deirdre Young in-world, we receive it all in email.

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