Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[H]arsh - Cryptic Mask

There’s a new Dynamic Duo in town, thanks to the amazing Cryptic mask by [H]arsh.

Dari performed her trademark combo of incredibly detailed mesh, stunning textures and brilliant scripting on this little mask.

With my usual tact, I poked a bit of fun at her, screaming “Nightwing!” when I saw it for the first time, but she knows a) I love masks and b) I love her work.

She quite correctly pointed out that everything looks like something else, and we moved on. I want to suggest eye hole shapes and all sorts of cool mask shape ideas to her so we’ll see how much of my input she’ll tolerate ;)

It took me bare moments to adjust the mask to my face. It’s resizeable and reshapeable, so take a safe copy and experiment. I made a really thin wide version, just for fun... first of many, I believe :)

Dari’s selling this awesome little gem for 150L$ - ridiculously low for the quality.

If you were wondering, I dusted off my old Lady Zora outfit to match the mask.. I definitely need more capes.

See good close-up pictures of the mask on Dari’s blog :

Tonight we have a quick project by Darien from [H]arsh, i’m sure it must have pained her to rush it to market. *winks*

Still if you know Darien, you know you’ll get a well modeled, well scripted bit of kit and she manages that even with a “simple” mask.

When you click the mask a menu springs to life which gives you all kinds of options to personalize the mask to your own taste and outfit.

First there is the option to set the transparency of your lenses, next you can set the glow of the lenses, 1.0 gives you a heat ray that will put Superman's to shame.

There are also options for textures, color and shine for the lenses, you can make them shine like the sunglasses of a Californian highway patrol officer.

For the mask itself you’ll get 10 quick color textures, or you can make your own color by playing with the RGB settings of the mask, that is if you can’t find a fitting color in the 141 presets.

Fitting the mask is easy, being mesh it stays nicely on the bridge of your nose, though i didn’t have to touch it at all.

So planning a life in Gotham, need a mask for a fun ball or just want to rub a bank, [H]arsh has the mask you’ll need. *smiles*

Name : [H]arsh
Owner : Darien Caldwell

Quality9 9
Price9 9
Service9 8
Store9 8

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