Monday, February 4, 2013

Utopia@Design - Sagitta Domina

Another Hikari post tonight, and I’m actually thinking of making her name a label - I’m sure we have fetish furries falling in love with our adorable little friend by now :)

She was wandering, as she usually does, inspecting fetish stores and sending me landmarks, when she mentioned she really loved the new Sagitta boots at Utopia.

Well, Hikari picked them up, and nicely agreed to model them for us. Since she loved the red, she chose a Plausible Body “Red Cell” catsuit to match, and presto - sexy fetish furry look :)

The Sagitta boots, then, have a classy part-metal stiletto heel I remember seeing in the eighties, and a really good shape.

They also have the most stunning leather texture I’ve seen on SL boots in quite a long time. Between amazing reflections and colors, these boots are nearly photo-realistic.

The Sagitta boots come in three versions, named Domina, Lotus, and Oxian. The base color and the second color are quite different for each model, so getting them all is not a crazy option if your budget allows it.

Do visit Utopia Design and see the beautiful (and huge!) vendor pics and large-scale models of the boots - you can even fiddle with the HUDs and see the effects on the models.

Till now Elisabetta made boots that were right up my alley taste wise, rounded nose and platforms, yes i’m not just a ballet boot fanatic. *winks*

But the Sagitta is the kind of boots Mistress loves, spiked heels and pointy toes, and a good leather texture of course.

The boots come with a HUD that lets you personalize the boots to your own taste, first you get 6 presets with some great color combinations.

Next you get the possibility to change the leather, laces, studs, heels and sole textures to make your own combination.

The HUD also lets you adjust the size and sound of the boots and she must have spent hours texturing that HUD as it’s almost as good looking as the boots, well almost. *smiles*

There are 3 color versions for the Sagitta boots but the Domina is the one which is the most fetishy, still check out the others they also are very yummy.

Name : Utopia@Design
Owner : Elisabetta Hyun

Quality9 9
Price8 8

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