Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marine’s Goodies - Mousewheel

Sometimes we scoop Aria, sometimes she scoops us ;) Either way, it’s a good thing that she’s there; her reviews are way more in depth than ours.

In our defense, the daily post thing means that in the two hours I spend with lelo, we must:

- take good pictures
- try to catch all the interesting options on an item (I sometimes fail there)
- shop for more items (that’s usually our Sunday)
- write an entertaining and informative bit each (you keep coming back; a good sign!)
- and introduce as few errors as we can

Which doesn’t bring us directly to Marine’s Mousewheel, but I’ll non-sequitur right into it anyway :)

This is a bondage toy straight out of Gord’s imagination.We played with it somewhat briefly, but I have to say I like it a lot!

If I was going to pick nits, I might say that the large covering on one side mostly hides the slave unless she’s facing left, but that would be it.

You must see Marine’s own blog for the ton of videos (featuring Marine in a sexy hip-swaying walk!), detailed explanations, pictures.. and even news of updates to the wheel after a week in use.

You’ll note that while this is a Marine Kelley creation (easily recognized by the astonishing amount of painstaking work in every part), the brand is Marine’s Goodies, not Real Restraint. Here’s the word, straight from Marine’s blog :

“The price of this product is L$400, it is sold as part of my Marine's Goodies brand, since this is not exactly a restraint.”

Another toy this week, seems someone has been good this week, this time it’s a toy by Marine Kelley the queen of Restraints.

Not sure where Marine got her inspiration for this wheel, my bet is on a new four legged pet in RL, but i love the idea.

The basic concept is simple, but nothing about Marine’s gear is ever simple, she has a lovely twisted and kinky mind.

Take the included lights that take their power of the wheel and even change brightness with the speed of the wheel.

There are loads more options in this lovely little wheel, but i’ll let you read up on that on Marine’s blog , just take it from me this wheel will give you hours of fun.. ehh training. *winks*

Name : Real Restraints
Owner : Marine Kelley

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 9
Store8 8

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