Monday, March 25, 2013

Ponka - Caide Catsuit and Carbon Explosion Ankle Boots

We stopped by Ponka’s during the renovations, by pure chance. As Beponka mentions in her blog, she’s refocusing the business.

The Carbon Explosion boots caught my eye and I looked around for something to wear with them, and the Caide catsuit looked good to me. Ta-da! Color-coordinated previews :)

If you peer extremely closely at the boots in my pics, you’ll see that they look odd. It’s my old viewer’s fault, and the boots themselves are perfectly fine.

The Carbon part is probably the cool hex texture to the boot and heel. The shape is a fashionable covered platform, which is growing on me. I blame Lady Gaga.

Drop by Ponka’s shiny new store and see the new layout.. as always, tell her who sent you :)

Some lovely latex and boots by Beponka from Ponka tonight, try saying that 10 times quickly. *winks*

The Caide catsuit is one of Beponka’s first designs, but that doesn’t make it any bit less interesting.

The asymmetric design is very eye catching and the fishnet inserts add to that look.

In the folder you will find all the separate cloth layers and the quick fit tattoo layer, and yes we do love that tattoo layer. *smiles*

Second tonight are the Carbon Explosion boots, which are sculpted from a single piece of mesh.

The boots have a fashionable style making them edging into fetish and considering the price we just couldn’t keep them from you.

When you get them you’ll have to reduce the size, i’m a big girl but i had to take them 20% down to make them look good.

Sizing is done with the script in the boots, this little script offers a percentage resize or an axial resize. You know the drill, make copy, go tinker...

Name : Ponka
Owner : Beponka Nirvana

Quality8 7
Price8 8
Service8 7
Store8 8

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