Friday, May 3, 2013

Latex Station Hunt Correction and Faith Earrings

I had a chance to talk with Cindy of Latex Station, and cleared up a little misunderstanding I had: the Sponsor Wide Hunt name refers to clubs Latex Station sponsors.

That means that you get to jump around clubs all over the world, and find over thirty free prizes :)

Here’s Cindy :
Hunt runs from May 1 through May 31

And as is tradition with Latex Station hunts we will add 5 bonus prizes. When will they be added you ask, well join our group to find out.

Paste this into chat to join:

We received a cool little item from Tsuki Saphed and a friendly, polite request to feature it in the blog.

It’s a pair of earrings in the triskelion shape that has become the semi-official symbol of BDSM.

They're a bit small in my pic, so here's a closeup.

The earrings look good, and aren’t too big. The ear bit is a tiny handcuff, and the menu lets you set colors on the three metal parts, and the gems as well.

Tsuki’s just starting out, so drop by her little store and encourage her to keep going - we need all the fetish designers we can get! :)

Have a great weekend,

Deirdre and lelo

Tachibana’s by Tsuki Saphed

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