Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Glitterati Closes - SLFF Post 1200

Regular readers will have noticed that we use a lot of different poses for our daily pictures. For years we’ve been buying them by the hundreds at Glitterati.

Sadly, the popular pose shop is closing. Katey cites personal reasons in her note, and while it’s likely she’ll keep making things in the future, they’ll be sold exclusively on Marketplace.

If you enjoy the poses - and our blog is pretty much a Glitterati Model Poses catalog - the good news is that they’re on sale until the end of the month.

We just swung by and picked up every model pose pack we didn’t have, so look forward to seeing them in the blog soon.

Goodbye Katey, and best of luck in your new life.


Another milestone for our little endeavour, our 1200th post tonight, and we are still not bored of it.

With it being a daily the numbers creep up steadily and the feedback we get from our readers keep us going.

No big party this time around, we’ll just snuggle a bit longer after posting this one.

Ohh, and when you see us in world, do say hi, we love hearing from our readers.

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