Thursday, July 11, 2013

Devicious - Magnificence and Out Of Your League

Steph is turning into the queen of the little mesh dress in Second Life.

Between the 40-texture HUDs and boots included for free, she’s setting the bar extremely high for the competition.

I’m wearing Magnificence here, and once again, the XS fits me like a tight leather glove, barely even requiring the alpha - only for a few awkward poses.

The leather textures are simply terrific. The two-toned ones are on the Leather Doubles HUD, and the solids are on Stitched Leather. I understand there are some fabric ones included but who cares, right?

A professional pose stand (the size of a river raft!) is included in the box, and some face and body lights. Cool little extras.

Magnificence is really short. The one non-included thing you’ll need is panties ;)

Two more great-looking mesh dress outfits from Devicious tonight, Steph keeps making them faster than we can blog them.

I’m wearing Out Of Your League here, which comes with 14 textures, 7 different colors, 1 with a snakeskin look and a second that has a flower pattern over the snakeskin.

The dress comes in 5 sizes and should fit most human AV’s in SL, as usual try the demo before you buy.

Steph once again includes some good looking boots in the box, with mine you get the shoes in black, blue, brown, pink, red and white.

On the second picture you see the red and black version, add a Star Trek communicator badge and you can join Starfleet. *smiles*

Name : DeVicious
Owner : Steph Catseye

Quality9 8
Price9 9
Service8 8
Store7 7

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