Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Diabolical Super Science - Tickle Bench

First, I’m a huge fan of Girl Genius  - whose tag line is “Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!”, so Diabolical Super Science is right up my alley :)

The tip for the DSS Tickle Bench came from our friend Pet, who is both a fetish fashionista and a walking bondage toy encyclopedia.

The toy itself is as simple to use as it gets. Click and drag your mouse pointer on the victim, and a feather follows it... hilarity ensues ;)

There’s a darker version (electric shocks) which we’ll simply mention. You’re smart, you’ll find it if you want it.

A unit is on demo at the store, and as I liked it a lot - cool japanese inspiration building, neat little unnecessary beach for a 450m high skybox, open roof - I decided to snap it as third pic instead of the vendor ;)

The included notecard very intelligently points to a Web page with the details, pictures and all.. really, I don’t know why more designers don’t do that.

Another new designer added to our blog tonight, this time it’s Wilhelmina “call me Mina” Hinchcliffe from Diabolical Super Science.

The bench looks very good and has a steam punkish look to it, but should work in most interiors.

The menu’s of the bench are very simple and give the owner the options to set the range of the capture function, the maximum time on the capture timer, who can use the bench and finally the sound level of the bench.

Other users just get a scan button so you can catch yourself someone to tickle or you can bind yourself to the bench, be warned the random timer can be set to 99 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes maximum.

The best part of the bench is the animation of the victim, how the feather follows the mouse and the laughing sound, which can be set to male or female, this should give you hours of RP fun. *smiles*

Name : Diabolical Super Science
Owner : Wilhelmina Hinchcliffe

Quality8 7
Price8 8
Service8 -
Store9 8


  1. this product is amazing, absolutely love it. honestly i have never seen anything in sl like it. i am not even a tickle fetishist and i still love it. and the shocking version that was mentioned has to be seen to be believed.

  2. Hi Deirdre and lelo, thanks so much! And thanks for noticing my building. It was my first mesh building and I'm inordinately pleased with it :)

    And sue me, I love the beach and my parcel is land locked :)

    Oh and congrats on six years - that's amazing!

    Thanks again.....

    Wilhelmina (call me Mina) Hinchcliffe