Monday, August 26, 2013

MetaTheodora - SechnoTexual Boots

SechnoTexual: try to say that name three times fast - but I’m not responsible for sprained tongues ;)

You know we like dolls, gynoids, androids, and all teh cyber shiny. When we heard from Sian (and she was kind enough to send samples to assist the decision process), we were quite pleased.

Her store’s not far from Graves, but sort of off-broadway. If you missed it while visiting Oxymoron, don’t feel bad - so did we. Hey, it’s what the good Lord made landmarks for, right?

These boots are very well made, and the part I wanted to see in action as soon as I saw them didn’t disappoint: the knee joint looks amazing in use :)

The boots are materials enabled; that means they’re probably even shinier than we think, but as Firestorm doesn’t show that yet, I’ll let you come to your own conclusions by watching this awesome video of Sion dancing in them.

Tonight we have something for you technosexuals out there, robot boots and guess what? they are ballets. *big smile*

The boots are by Sion Pearl at MetaTheodora, which offers everything you need to become the android of your dreams.

The boots come in 3 sizes and there is a free demo available, but the fit is very good as it’s rigged mesh.

The metallic look is pretty amazing, the cables on the back are a lovely touch for that genuine android look.

But the thing that really does it for me are the feet, yes i’m a sucker for ballets, but that shouldn’t be anything new to our regular readers.

So give her store a look but don’t blame us when you leave there all shiny. *winks*

Name : MetaTheodora
Owner : Sion Pearl

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service8 -

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  1. These are fantastic boots. I had a apir ten minutes after seeing this post. They fit sso well and the knee joint is so true to life that I felt very 'Android'

    Now, If I could only find metallic silver latex clothing!