Monday, September 9, 2013

deviousMind - ChainedLust

Pet tipped us to deviousMind (their spelling), so I thought it was only fair to let her model the cool ChainedLust harness. She's wearing the platinum chains here.

It’s a rigged mesh harness made from connected bits of heavy chain. Not your basic jogging outfit but it has its place in a kinky wardrobe.

deviousMind tags itself “burlesque couture and accessories”, and while it’s true that not all the outfits there would suit this blog, with forty-nine pages of 12 items each on Marketplace, you should find one or two things you like.

Pet also pointed out the Layali outfit at deviousMind, which is a silks-and-chains mixed outfit suitable for Gor enthusiasts.

The store is a bit of a maze, but fortunately, the chains are in a straight line from the door, right behind the fountain.

Some must-have accessories tonight, in the form of a rigged mesh chain harness by Chandra at deviousMind, something no sub should be without.

The thick chain harness comes in the platinum, gold, gunmetal, rough metal, black latex, and brushed steel, so there should be a color for everyone out there.

As this is a rigged mesh harness you’ll get it in 4 sizes and there are free demo’s available so you can check the fit before paying.

You get 3 versions of the chains, which give you more and more chains and more restraints, from simply once around the breasts and between the legs to a chain around your neck to the intricate one shown in the pictures.

For you big breasted girls, don’t worry you’ll also get lola appliers in the package, so the girls can get chained up as well. *smiles*

Name : deviousMind
Owners : Chandra Meehan


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