Monday, September 23, 2013

Restrained Freedom - Mesh Hood

You know how we love hot off the press here.. well the Restrained Freedom Mesh Hood is going on sale tomorrow - how’s that for hot? ;)

I called Katie yesterday and said hi, what’s new? She said not much, except for that hood I’m releasing soon… she’s such a dear ;)

This versatile mesh hood has six shapes included - they might very well have been six different products. Throw in the straps, the gags, the ears… I’d hate to count all the permutations!

The long manual is definitely worth reading; this toy will keep you busy for hours just trying variations :)

Lelo does a good job of touching most of the features, so I’ll just mention the renamer in the gag, which will prefix everything you say, and the smart emoter, which will garble only the text you emote, and not the actual emote verb.

If you like variety in your bondage hoods, this toy is definitely for you.

Toy time tonight, this time by the girl that needs to be restrained so she’ll slow down once in awhile, Katie Paine from Restrained Freedom. *winks*

Next to the hood being all meshy, it’s full of all kind of goodies you might expect from a bondage bunny like Katie.

Just the keys access part takes 3 pages in the considerable manual, there are main keys, master keys, emergency keys and a so called ice key.

That last one is very interesting and the first time i think i’ve seen one in SL, it gives someone control over your key for a set time, great for a play around bondage bunny.

There are 6 hood types included in this on, i’m wearing the monk and maiden version here, next to that you can add a panel or ball gag, earmuffs and a blindfold.

Next to that you can change the color and texture of the separate hood parts, add the fun ears on top of it, select a laced or zippered style and have your hair stick out of the back of the hood.

As you might expect from a Restraint Freedom toy, it comes with every possible RLV option you can imagine and you do see that Katie lives in RLV. *smiles*

So get your hood and get restrained… this one should keep you busy for a while.

Name : Restrained Freedom
Owner : Katie Paine

Quality8 9
Price8 8
Service9 9
Store8 8

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