Monday, October 28, 2013

Bax Coen Design - Regency Halloween Boots

Give this girl a sammich! ;) I had to dig through my inventory for something suitable to wear with Bax’s cool Regency Hallowe’en boots.

You may think the orange is cool and seasonal, and the green and violet is cool and inexplicable - I sure do ;)

But colors are fun, and I’m sure you have something shiny and purple in your wardrobe just crying for matching boots. Green… um, Hugo?

Those Regency are just as awesome as the originals, with amazing liquid mesh fit and excellent menu featuring Bax’s unique (I believe) foot adjust animation, removing awkward ankle bending.

The boots are 99L$ for Bax group members; a very nice seasonal gift. Stop by the store, join the group, and go win “best in orange” contests ;)

It’s that time of year again that days get shorter and roofs blow off buildings, at least that’s what happened in Holland today, for our American reader it’s time for dress up and scary stories.

Bax is always following trends and took the coming Halloween as inspiration to make some lovely two tone versions of her Regency boots.

She paid special attention to make the fading from the colored top to the black foot and she hinted that we’ll be seeing more of this fading in the future.

The boots come in green, violet and pumpkin and just like the regular Regency boots in BBW, plus and normal sizes, i fit a normal *woohoo*

At this price you just have to get these boots, just so you can experience the quality that is Bax Coen Design.

Name : Bax Coen Design
Owner : Bax Coen

Quality9 9
Price9 9
Service9 9
Store9 9

Photo by Bax Coen Designs

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