Monday, October 7, 2013

Hugo’s Design - Shali

Bianka called me the other day and asked me if lelo had a Phat Azz. No, just well padded, I said ;)

Seems that Shali, Erik’s latest creation, not only comes with Lolas! Tango appliers, but there are also appliers available for a rear enhancement mesh accessory called Phat Azz, by CK Winx of Luck Inc.

I’ll add that we stopped by the L.Inc store, (where a supposedly hot new insanely popular item was not that easily found - it’s straight in the door to the far wall, then on your left) and I have to say I’m not a fan. There will be no Phat Azzes in here ;)

Shali is a very good looking outfit, in Erik’s best tradition. The black corset, over or under bust, really changes the look.

Lelo went with matching-color boots and I went with black - as you see, both are suitable.

The gloves and stockings are a tattoo layer, so remember to Add and not Wear, especially if you dress in public ;)

Lots of parts, lots of beautiful options, and the basic outfit is not expensive at all.

Even the appliers (at 100L$ for top and 100L$ for bottom, not included and sold separately) don’t add that much to the price.

We might have told you that Erik was back from his little break but Shali proofs that he is now fully back.

There are no less than 34 clothing items in the package, giving you oodles of options with this outfit, isn’t that like we were used from Erik.

All the different layers are included except for the gloves and stockings, those have moved to the tattoo layer.

Erik is still the only designer i know that adds 5 different tops for your Lolas, which is pretty sweet.

So, another great latex outfit with enough options to keep you busy for the upcoming weeks and it’s available in all Hugo colors.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo

Service8 8
Store8 8

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