Thursday, October 10, 2013

HybridZ - Plastique Toy

A terrific new offering from Hybridz tonight, the Plastique Doll avatar is a complete avatar, including shape, skin and boots.

It’s offered at 199L$ as a limited-time promotional offer, so I don’t need to tell you to pounce now :)

This is a pretty adult toy, as with most of Hybridz creations. The prim parts (collar and ballet boots) are simple and fairly detailed, and the mesh head is pretty suggestive… just needs handles behind the ears ;)

The included shape is shorter and curvier than lelo, so we stuck with her usual shape. Two different versions are available, pink (shown here) and black (vendor pic).

A must-have for any hard-core rubber doll, and at that low price, hard to pass up.

A bit of cool news: Fyre just launched X-DollZ, a new store, in collaboration with  Sugar Falta. Here's the SLURL:

Toy time tonight, a new and more important, a cheap creation from the hands of Fyre Furse at Hybridz.

In the box you will find all you need for a complete avatar makeover, including shape, skin and a complete head.

The head comes in two versions, one with the toy text on the forehead and one plain without any text.

There is also a simple, and simple is good, collar included that takes care of all your RLV locking needs.

You will also find a lovely ponytail, the one on your head that is, and a clothes layer corset, no doll should be without one, ever...

Finally there are the things i love, ballet boots, these are calf high and have 3 lovely lockable belts.

There is one last item in the box, a toy pussy, but due to our PG rating we won’t show it here.

If you are looking for a cheap uniform for all your rubber doll minions look no further the HybridZ Plastique Toy is all you’ll need… hundreds of them of course.. *winks*

Name : HybridZ
Owner : Fyre Furse and Natalie Serapis

Price8 8
Service8 8
Store8 7

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