Thursday, October 3, 2013

XTC Leather - Oblivion Leather and Metal

Xav does it again! How does he keep it fresh and hot every release? He must be a baker, that’s my theory ;)

Oblivion is a peek-a-boo leather catsuit with metal underwear in the best Red Sonya tradition.

There are a number of cool details on the catsuit: sleeve buttons reprised on the chest and the front of the thighs, bits of chainmail at the wrists, and a number of visible seams. The neck has a cross cut-out that is visible at a good distance.

The huge front and back cutouts are pretty striking. This is designed to show off the chainmail bikini, of course, and it sure does that. (Wear the chainmail top without the leather jacket to find as close to an Easter egg as I’ve ever seen in a SL outfit!)

You could conceivably wear a light catsuit under the leather but you’ll look like a panda - better stick with the chainmail.

The boots look good, although the pattern fades to grey from not too far away.

They are no-script, for which sim owners will love you, and you can easily resize them with standard SL controls. Just be careful, they’re no copy.

An original, inexpensive, versatile complete outfit. Thanks again, Xav :)

Some lovely leather for Mistress tonight, i got stuck with a metal bikini, did you know that stuff pinches? *winks*

Just kidding, it’s a lovely set, where you can wear the bikini by itself or wear it under the leather catsuit.

The other way around is a bit harder if you want to stay PG, Xavier did add nipple tape, but the cut out is very deep…

You also get the XTC boots in the set as well as a pair of fingerless gloves in the same metal as the bikini.

Just figured out why Xaviar included the nipple tape, ahh… much better no more pinching. *smiles*

Name : XTC Leather  
 Owner : Xaviar Thunders

Quality8 8
Price9 8
Service9 8
Store9 9

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